Care Management & Clinicians: Emergency, Fire & Safety

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Which of these is NOT required to be kept on the Agency's "Active Patient Roster?" *

According to Fort Hudson policy, who is responsible to instruct the participant or their advocate about emergency preparedness? *

Mrs. Obama has an abdominal wound with a wound vac. She has been instructed and has demonstrated competence in dressing the wound with a wet-to-dry dressing, should the wound vac malfunction or there be a power loss. She would still need skilled assessment periodically to observe for s/s of infection and to monitor wound healing progress. She will also require periodic delivery of supplies. What is Mrs. Obama's Acuity Level? *

Mrs. Gudwer is a permanent resident in a skilled nursing facility. She is non-ambulatory and requires medication administration and assistance with eating, bathing, toileting and dressing. What is her Acuity Level? *

Mr. Goodbar is 2 weeks post-op following coronary artery bypass surgery. He was switched from Lovenox to Coumadin prior to his hospital discharge yesterday. His INRs have been unstable and you note multiple bruises. He lives alone, gait is unsteady, and he is complaining of weakness. He is non-compliant with the use of his walker. He said it is more hassle than it's worth and prefers to walk while holding onto furniture and walls. There are two areas on his leg incision that are reddened and draining. What is his Acuity Level? *

Where should the Acuity Level and TAL be documented? *

Documentation of TAL is especially useful in the event of: *

If a participant/client refuses to evacuate when requested to do so, what are the appropriate actions? (Select all that apply) *

In the event of a fire, we use the acronym RACE to help us remember appropriate actions in the correct order. What does "R" stand for? *