Care Management: Corporate Compliance & Conflict of Interest

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We ONLY have a corporate compliance program because Fort Hudson wants to ensure it has ethically sound practices. *

Fort Hudson's Corporate Compliance Program has a ___________, which is overseen by the Corporate Compliance Officer and meets quarterly. *

Fort Hudson has screening procedures for all employees, contractors, vendors, volunteers, medical providers, and board members to ensure they have not been sanctioned by a Federal or State law enforcement, regulatory or licensing agency and that they haven’t been in violation with the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General. *

You have to put forth your name if you want a corporate compliance issue to be addressed. *

A nurse Snapchats a picture of herself and a resident without the resident’s name. This staff member does note on her Instagram account that he/she is a Fort Hudson employee. This is a violation of: *

Amanda Waite is the Corporate Compliance Officer (CCO) at Fort Hudson. *

You can review Fort Hudson's Corporate Compliance Manual: *

Your CCO runs your name through several government databases monthly. *

Fort Hudson relies on its staff to hold each other accountable. *

Compliance issues must be reported to Adirondack Health Institute if: *

A combination of two or more data points would have to be disseminated to constitute a HIPAA breach. *

Pictures and videos I take with my smartphone can qualify as Protected Health Information (PHI). *

Fort Hudson has no way of securely transmitting Protected Health Information in email. *

A picture posted on social media has to be degrading or humiliating to be considered a data breach. *

Fort Hudson can allow an individual to work who is transparent and up front with the facility leadership that they were found in violation of the False Claims Act. *