Care Management Elder Abuse & Neglect

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Select the five major consequences of elder abuse from the choices below: *

From the following list, select distinct types of elder abuse (as defined by the National Center on Elder Abuse): *

You are providing services to an 82-year-old woman and today at your visit, you notice a significant bruise on her head and then you also notice multiple matching bruises on both of her upper arms that look like grip marks. You suspect that she has been shaken and thrown on the floor, where she may have banged her head. She is quiet and won't look up when speaking. How would you document this in your visit note? *

What other signs of abuse might you look for when caring for a client that you suspect is being abused? Select all that apply. *

If you suspect abuse with one of your clients, what should you do first? *

Neglect occurs if a Service Coordinator is aware that an agency listed in a Service Plan cannot provide the requested services, but does not seek an alternate waiver service provider to meet the participant's needs. *

If a staff person borrows money from a waiver participant, the incident should be filed as a: *

Follow-up reports must be submitted to the RRDC (check all that apply): *

The MLTC Care Manager needs to fill out the following in Truechart when a case of elder abuse is suspected: *