Care Management HIPAA & Privacy Compliance for Clinicians & Office Support Staff

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The HIPAA Privacy Rule protects a patient's fundamental right to privacy and confidentiality. *

You are called a covered entity if you are a healthcare provider, health plan, or healthcare clearinghouse who transmits health information in electronic form. *

Protected Health Information is anything that connects a patient to his or her health information. *

PHI includes all health information that is used/disclosed - except PHI in oral form. *

PHI is disclosed when it is shared, examined, applied, or analyzed. *

PHI is used when it is released, transferred, or allowed to be accessed or divulged outside the covered entity. *

You are permitted to use/disclose PHI for treatment, payment and healthcare operations. *

Using PHI for purposes not specified by the rule requires covered entities to get patient authorization. *

Authorization must be obtained for any use/disclosure of PHI for marketing purposes. *

An authorization must contain an expiration date. *

After signing an authorization, a patient can decide to revoke it. *

You must obtain patient agreement to use/disclose PHI for public health activities related to disease prevention. *

You can use/disclose PHI without patient agreement to report victims of abuse, neglect or domestic violence. *

In general, disclosure of PHI must be limited to the least amount needed to get the job done right. *

The Notice of Privacy Practices gives patients notice about the use/disclosure of their PHI, as well as their rights in general. *

The Privacy Rule gives patients the right to request a history of routine disclosures. *

The Privacy Rule gives patients the right to take action if their privacy is violated. *

If you need help understanding the rules, the Department of Health and Human Services is required to give you assistance. *

To protect patient confidentiality, learn about your facility's patient privacy rights and encourage others to do the same. *