Care Management - HIV Confidentiality

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If you overhear that your client is being tested for HIV, is it okay to share that information with your immediate supervisor? *

HIV-Related information is already covered under HIPAA Law, there is no additional regulation that I need to be aware of. *

Whenever HIV-related information is disclosed, it not only needs the appropriate written consent on the correct form, but requires an additional disclosure to warn the recipient about any unauthorized further disclosure. *

If an employee of Fort Hudson is accidentally exposed to a client's body fluids while on duty, disclosure of the client's HIV-related information to that individual will not require the approved HIV release form. *

Which form should be used to grant permission for the sharing of HIV-related information? *

If a client does not have capacity to sign the "HIPAA Compliant Authorization for Release of Medical Information and Confidential HIV Related Information (DOH 2557)," who would need to sign it.? *