CNA Publication Feb 2018 Nail & Foot Care

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Good nail and foot care can prevent infection, injury and odors. *

Shoes and socks that do not breathe or that are left on too long can provide a warm, moist environment for the growth of bacteria. *

Which of the following is the best choice to maintain healthy skin on feet? *

Poorly fitting shoes can cause a blister, which could become a serious foot ulcer. *

Poor circulation does not affect how fast ulcers will heal, as long as the wound is kept clean. *

If the resident has Diabetes; it can be the CNA's responsibility to trim their nails as long as the care plan tells them about the Diabetes so that they will remember to be careful. *

During foot and nail care, there is no need to support their foot and ankle because it's good exercise for them to hold their leg up. *

Elevated blood sugar levels over time can damage the nerves of the foot, decreasing a person's ability to notice pain and pressure. Without these sensations, it is easy to develop callused pressure spots and accidentally injure the skin, soft tissue, bones and joints. *

After foot and nail care, properly clean the nail clippers. *

Is nail care only completed on the resident's shower day? *

Which of the following conditions would you NOT have to report to the nurse when performing nail and foot care? *