CNA Publication Jan 2018: How to Interact with Residents Who Have Dementia

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It's good for a person with dementia to sit around in silence all day. *

Which is the best way to ask a person with dementia to go to the bathroom? *

It's 10:00 AM and the resident says to you, "It's time to go to bed for the night." What is the best way to respond? *

When talking to a person with dementia, is it better to stand over the or to get down and be at eye level with them? *

A person with dementia lives in a world that often makes no sense to them. *

Can a sudden change in behavior be related to pain or constipation? *

If you notice sudden changes in behavior, what should you do? *

When speaking to a resident who has dementia, it is best to: (select all that apply) *