CNA Publication March 2018: Pressure Ulcer Prevention

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A pressure ulcer is localized injury to the skin and/or underlying tissue usually over a bony prominence, as a result of pressure. *

A pressure ulcer can also be called: (Select all that apply) *

What areas are the 4 most common areas prone to developing pressure ulcers? (Select all that apply) *

Which of the following are risk factors for developing pressure ulcers? (Select all that apply) *

Would it be recommended for a resident to sleep on a alternating air flow mattress if they were immobile and unable to turn and position themselves? *

If you received a new resident and noticed that they were incontinent of urine every time you helped them to the bathroom. They are not currently on a toileting schedule. What would you do? *

You notice that your resident's left heel is red, warm to the touch, and they are saying that it hurts to put any pressure on the heel. They are also asking to go to the bathroom. What should you do? *

Your resident currently has a pressure ulcer that is open and you noticed that when you came in this morning, there is more drainage than yesterday and it has a foul odor. What should you do? *