Exterior Access Procedure

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Every resident of Fort Hudson Nursing Center, regardless of cognitive status, must stop at the front desk, be cleared by nursing staff on the unit, and be logged on the clipboard at the front desk, ALL before the door is opened for them to go out unattended. *

When a resident leaves the nursing facility, but is detected by staff and brought back in what do we define this as? *

What is it referred to when a cognitively impaired resident successfully leaves the nursing facility, undetected by alarms or staff? *

All residents that live on the unsecure units of A, B and D wings who voice a desire to go outside without an escort must have an exterior access assessment completed. *

Where can the exterior access form be found? *

Does the receptionist need to call the resident's unit to ask if the resident can go outside each time they request to go outside unattended, even if they just came in to use the bathroom? *

If the receptionist is off duty, and a resident wants to go outside unattended, and a staff member knows that this resident goes outside every day, six times a day, does the staff member still need to call the resident's unit to grant access? *

How often does the receptionist need to check on residents that are outside? *

When the receptionist is not on duty, how often do A, B and D units need to check on residents that are outside and document on the Exterior Access Monitoring Log clip board? *

If on a "check" you cannot visualize someone logged as being outside, what should you do first? *

If the resident chart does not have an exterior access assessment completed, and they are requesting exterior access, what would be best practice? (select all that apply) *