March 2018 Mandatory - Bill of Rights, Abuse, Neglect & Mistreatment

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If you feel a resident or client's rights are being violated, you should try to stop the violation right away and then report to your Supervisor. *

Healthcare workers are mandated reporters of suspected abuse and mistreatment. *

Every resident in the Nursing Center and every client receiving Home Care, Care Management, and Certified Home Health Services receives a copy of the Patient/Resident/Client Bill of Rights *

If you believe a resident or client's rights have been violated, you should: (Select all that apply) *

From the following list, select all that could be signs of possible abuse: *

Due to differences in individuals and situations, there is no universal response to abuse or neglect. *

The purposeful failure to provide needed care resulting in harm to a person is: *

The illegal, unauthorized, or improper use of an older individual's resources by a caregiver or other person in a trusting relationship for the benefit of someone other than the older individual is: *

One of the basic rights of all patients, residents, and clients is freedom from abuse, mistreatment, and neglect. *

Self-neglect is defined as any persons neglecting themselves by not caring about their own health, well-being, or safety. Self-neglect (harm by self) is treated differently than abuse (harm by others). *

Self-neglect is often created by an individual's declining mental ability. *

If you fail to report suspected abuse... *